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It works the Muscles – Not the joints – Exercise! It is important to get those muscles in motion. But one reason many people don’t exercise is that it’s hard on the joints. Joint pain can limit your activity and negatively impact your quality of life. The JBIT MedPro device works the muscles around the knees, hips, back and shoulders and it straightens the posture. This helps to relieve the pain that many people feel.  Most people who try this are impressed with the immediate relief they feel.

For those fortunate enough to be pain free, the device works as a preventative measure, prolonging the use of the joints. It also helps to intensify the workout, whether its part of a regular fitness routine, or y0u’re using the Boost Rehab + Fitness regimen, an exercise and rehab program specifically designed to make the best use of the MedPro’s unique features. The device strengthens the Core as well as lower and upper extremity muscles. It improves posture and balance, and it contributes to improved mobility. If you have pain or not, the JBIT MedPro will work to develop a more healthier you.

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MedPro for the Medical Professional


NBA Hall of Famer and All-Star Reggie Miller with JBIT CEO Jonathan Bender




JBIT MedPro with inventor Jonathan Bender and NBA great Reggie Miller

NBA Great and Hall of Famer Reggie Miller with former teammate and NBA All Star, turned entrepreneur,  Jonathan Bender. Mr. Bender is the inventor of the innovative JBIT MedPro device, which is helping users to relieve their chronic pain, and improves their overall fitness.  Jonathan Bender is leading the movement to change how rehab is made available to the masses.  Get more information about the JBIT MedPro device and the Rehab + Fitness by clicking here and you can watch the interview by clicking on the video below.



Reggie Miller holding the revolutionary JBIT MedPro, the device that is relieving pain and contributing to overall fitness. Reggie Miller is shown with JB3 Innovations inventor, leader, CEO, and entrepreneur Jonathan Bender. The device has its own rehab and fitness regimen specifically designed for the JBIT MedPro. The exercise routine is well suited to those concerned with health and wellness. It improves the overall health and strengthens the core. See the interview with Jonathan Bender and Reggie Miller by viewing the video.




Boost Rehab and Fitness



Proven Results


Pain relief with the JBIT MedPro

One of the best experiences is having someone try this device for the first time. They are immediately impressed! Mobility increases, pain is significantly diminished or removed, and wearers feel good to have the relief of the pain. It is a wonderful change to go through a day, a week, a month without pain.


A visitor trying the JBIT MedPro at the Senior Expo
Trying on the MedPro
at the Senior Expo


Users have great things to say about the device!

Elderly that attended the Senior Expo had great things to say about the device.There were many inquiries and there were some that wanted to try the device. Those that tried it found that it relieved their pain and it gave them greater stability when walking. There were also comments about the convenience and ease of use of the device.  Many who tried it got very, very excited, as it was NOT masking the pain, it was eliminating it. While it obviously works for the elderly, it also works for the young, the old, athletes, people who want to improve their fitness, and of course, people who have pain.

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Purdue_University biomechanical_analysis

JBIT Gait Analysis

We Are a Key to Your Success

Regular use, exercise with the device, means that it will improve your fitness. When you use the device, you burn more calories, it improves your posture. and it relieves chronic pain. If you have had pain, there is a rehab and fitness program specifically designed for the unit to help restore your health and then to aid you in maintaining good health and fitness. What does this all mean? A better quality of life.

Try it, and you can see the difference it can make for you too.



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